Goats ate my book

Okay, so the goats did not actually eat any of my books. They live outside. My books are either safely inside, or on my phone in audio format. Let us not perpetuate the myth that goats will eat anything or that I would be so careless as to leave a novel unattended in their pasture.

Even so, I’m sure the goats would steal anything I put aside as a mischevious act of great fun, and that any delicate item would be as good as eaten once I recovered it from their play. It could be said that the goats would love to steal my books. The goats would revel in chewing on my books. These make for less catchy domain names, though.

Lets just say that I read as voraciously as they would love to thieve from me, and that both the goats and the books really do exist. Follow the links to Cat’s Paw Farm and the Cat’s Paw Farm Blog for proof. R’Chel would love to show you around the place and explain more about what we do here. For a much bigger dose of cute goats (and so many other amazing things) she’s the one to see.

So what is this site all about?

This blog is about me, the novels on my reading list, and about you. See the about me page for the first part. Browse the blog for what I thought about the books that have been on my reading list (from Pulitzer Prize winners to lesser known works). For your part, share with me your thoughts if you’ve read these titles, or have had other thoughts about them too.

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